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Israel is facing its most severe water shortage in nearly a century. Seven consecutive years of drought have deprived its natural water sources of sufficient replenishment, while a growing population and rising standard of living have led to a sharp increase in consumption. There is 75% less water available today than just 20 years ago, but an additional two million people to share the diminishing supply.

The Facts
  • Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel’s largest fresh water reserve, is almost at its “black line,” the level at which continued pumping would cause irreversible salinity and the Kinneret would cease to be a viable source of drinking water.
  • Israel’s underground water reserves are also threatened. In the last seven years, about half of the wells that supply water to Tel Aviv have been shut down because of contamination caused by over-pumping. 

  • To curb consumption, the Israeli government has dramatically cut the fresh water allocation for agriculture, banned the watering of public parks and private gardens, and begun taxing households for excess water usage.
By the year 2020, Israel’s population is expected to increase by three million people and the country will require nearly another 80 billion gallons of drinking water. As the supply continues to dwindle, where will this extra water come from? 
What you can do  

An adequate water supply is critical to Israel’s future growth and national security.
Your donation can help JNF alleviate the severe water crisis.

$96 = water for one person for one year
$384 = water for a family of four for one year
$1,140 = water for a classroom of 30 children for one year
$4,800 = water for an army base of 50 soldiers
$7,200 = water for a neighborhood of 75 people
$9,400 = water for a new neighborhood of 100 people in the Negev

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  Israel Faces Almost Unprecedented Water Crisis 
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